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Synology Surveillance Station License Crack 23

Synology Surveillance Station License 23

Synology Surveillance Station is a powerful video management system that allows you to monitor and record video from various IP cameras, I/O modules, intercoms, access controllers, IP speakers, and transaction devices. It also provides features such as live view, playback, event management, video analytics, and more. To use Synology Surveillance Station, you need to purchase and install surveillance device licenses on your Synology NAS or NVR device.

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What is a surveillance device license?

A surveillance device license is a digital key that allows you to add and manage a surveillance device on Synology Surveillance Station. By default, your Synology NAS or NVR device comes with a certain number of pre-installed licenses that vary depending on the model. You can check the specifications of your model to find out the exact number of default licenses. These default licenses cannot be deleted or migrated to another device.

If you want to add more surveillance devices than the number of default licenses, you need to purchase additional licenses from Synology or its authorized resellers. Synology offers three options for additional licenses: 1, 4, or 8 Surveillance Device License Packs. Each pack comes with a single license key that allows you to activate 1, 4, or 8 surveillance devices at a time. You can add up to the maximum number of surveillance devices supported by your device model.

How many licenses do I need for each surveillance device?

The number of licenses required for each surveillance device depends on the type and features of the device. In general, each IP camera, I/O module, IP speaker, intercom, and access controller requires one license, while each transaction device requires two licenses. However, some multi-lens cameras and video servers for analog cameras may require more than one license per device. For example:

  • A panoramic camera (e.g., Axis M3007) that supports on-camera dewarping and provides multiple streams (e.g., Quad View, Double Panorama, and Original View) requires one license.

  • A fixed lens camera (e.g., ArecontVision AV8185DN) that provides more than one stream at a time requires one license.

  • A fixed lens camera (e.g., Axis Q3709-PVE) that has independent IP addresses for each lens or stream requires one license per channel.

  • A removable lens camera (e.g., Axis F44) that allows you to add multiple lenses and stream up to five channels requires one license per channel.

  • A video server (e.g., Vivotek VS8801) that converts analog signals from up to eight cameras into digital streams requires one license per channel.

For more details about the supported cameras and surveillance devices, please refer to the [Camera Support List] and [Surveillance Device Support List].

How do I add or delete licenses?

To add or delete licenses, you need to access the License page in Synology Surveillance Station. You can do this by following these steps:

  • Log in to DSM with an account belonging to the administrators group.

  • Open Surveillance Station from the Main Menu.

  • Go to Main Menu > License.

  • To add licenses, click Add and follow the instructions on the screen. You will need to enter or paste the license keys you have purchased and agree to the terms and conditions. If you are adding licenses from a CMS host server, you will also need to select a server from the list. If the licenses you entered have already been activated on another device, you can migrate them over to the current device with an authenticated Synology Account.

  • To delete licenses, select the licenses you wish to delete and click Delete. You will need an Internet connection to Synology Inc. for validation. If you cannot connect to Synology Inc., you can use DS cam or Surveillance Station Client to delete licenses offline.

For more information on adding or deleting licenses, please refer to this [article].

Where can I buy licenses?

You can buy Synology Surveillance Device License Packs from Synology or its authorized resellers. Please visit this [page] to find out where to buy licenses in your region. Please be sure to keep the license keys and the proof of purchase (e.g., invoice or receipt) safely afterward.


Synology Surveillance Station License 23 is a topic that covers the basics of Synology Surveillance Station and its licensing system. It explains what a surveillance device license is, how many licenses you need for each device, how to add or delete licenses, and where to buy licenses. If you are interested in using Synology Surveillance Station to monitor and record video from various surveillance devices, you will need to purchase and install the appropriate number of licenses on your Synology NAS or NVR device.


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