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Vmix 2012 Hd Pro V4 Full 13

Vmix 2012 Hd Pro V4 Full 13 - A Review of the Video Mixing Software

Vmix 2012 Hd Pro V4 Full 13 is a video mixing software that allows you to create professional videos with multiple sources, such as cameras, video files, images, audio files, web pages and more. You can also apply various effects, transitions, overlays and titles to your videos, as well as control them with keyboard shortcuts, MIDI devices or web-based API. In this article, we will review some of the features and benefits of using Vmix 2012 Hd Pro V4 Full 13 for your video production needs.

Virtual Sets

One of the most impressive features of Vmix 2012 Hd Pro V4 Full 13 is the ability to use live chroma keying to place talent in animated 3d virtual sets. This means that you can create realistic and immersive scenes without the need for expensive and bulky green screens or studio sets. You can choose from a variety of virtual sets that are included in the software, or create your own custom sets with the built-in editor. You can also adjust the lighting, shadows, reflections and camera angles of the virtual sets to match your desired mood and style.


vMix Audio Device

Another useful feature of Vmix 2012 Hd Pro V4 Full 13 is the vMix Audio device, which allows you to record only the audio within vMix instead of the entire system. This means that you can avoid capturing unwanted sounds from other applications or background noises that may interfere with your video quality. You can also use the vMix Audio device to route audio from vMix to other applications, such as Skype or Zoom, for live streaming or video conferencing purposes. The vMix Audio device is compatible with most sound cards and audio interfaces, and supports ASIO and WASAPI drivers.

Video Delay and Playback Speed

Vmix 2012 Hd Pro V4 Full 13 also offers some advanced features for manipulating video sources, such as video delay and playback speed. Video delay can be assigned to any capture input, such as a camera or a video file, and allows you to create a buffer of up to one minute in length that can be saved or played back at any time. This can be useful for creating instant replays, slow motion effects or time shifting live events. Playback speed can be set for any video source from the right click menu, and allows you to speed up or slow down the video playback from 10% to 400%. This can be useful for creating fast forward or rewind effects, or adjusting the tempo of music videos.


Vmix 2012 Hd Pro V4 Full 13 is a powerful and versatile video mixing software that offers a range of features and benefits for professional and amateur video producers alike. Whether you want to create stunning virtual sets, record high-quality audio, manipulate video sources or control your videos with external devices or web-based API, Vmix 2012 Hd Pro V4 Full 13 has you covered. You can download the software from [the official website] and try it out for free for up to two months. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable solution for your video production needs, you should definitely give Vmix 2012 Hd Pro V4 Full 13 a try.


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