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Soul At Stake UPDATED

Because Answers in Genesis and other biblical creationists take an authoritative stand on six literal (approximately 24-hour) days of creation and a young (approximately 6,000-year-old) age for the earth and universe, some have mistakenly taken our unwavering stand to mean these beliefs are salvation issues.

Soul at Stake

There's an Urban Legend about a game going around. Whoever wins this game would become exceedingly rich, and their destiny would be changed so they'd become the mightiest overnight. All they need to participate is one stake...

Once the game begins, the gamblers must survive against a "devil" that will attempt to claim their souls as its own. To win, the gamblers must take part in a ritual to expel the devil and reclaim their souls.

  • Soul At Stake contains examples of: Absurdly High-Stakes Game: In order to play, the gamblers must offer up their souls.

  • All Witches Have Cats: A black cat appears and rides on Gran "The Witch"'s back whenever she transforms a gambler.

  • Bear Trap: One of the "devil" cards allows a devil to place these on the ground.

  • Big Bad: X'iE, the ghost who set up the game, and invented the phony Urban Legend to lure in gamblers and claim their souls.

  • Cobwebs of Disuse: One of the screenshots shows a map with a liberal helping of cobwebs.

  • Evil Old Folks: Gran "The Witch", is a devil in the game.

  • Forced Transformation: Gran "The Witch" has the power to turn gamblers into cats for a short time. Gamblers take damage when they change back.

  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: "The Actor" has these.

  • Shear Menace: Xiu "The Bride" attacks with a pair of scissors.

  • Tears of Blood: The above-mentioned "Actor" has these.

Soul at Stake is a 1v4 survival horror game, similar to the concept of Evolve, except with a mythical Oriental influence as opposed to man-eating monsters. It's up to the team of four soul-gamblers to defeat the one devil. Individually, the gamblers are weak compared to the devil, but if they stand strong together, they might have a chance of making it out alive. Soul at Stake currently requires a GeForce GTX 460 or a Radeon HD 6850.

In countless gambles, the gamblers and the devils continually explore and learn from each other. As a gambler, one must decide whether to focus on the cardholders or helping the injured teammates, or escape by items or depending only on themselves. As a devil, one must decide whether to hunting or waiting for gamblers to come to you, whether to chase or sneaking attack. Each encounter is a game, and every choice might endanger your soul. It is a game of souls after all, and the stake is your life.

Desdemona begs him to tell her what she has done wrong, and Othello calls her a whore and a strumpet. Desdemona swears on her soul that she has never touched anybody but him, but he doesn't believe her.

As I receive reports about the suffering Chinese people of faith are experiencing, I cannot help but wonder why the Chinese Communist Party does not trust its own people to allow them to choose their own path for their souls. There are one billion souls at stake. It seems the Chinese government is at war with faith. It is a war they will not win. During this speech, I will express a number of concerns the United States has about the religious freedom situation in mainland China. That is out of lament, not anger. We highly regard the Chinese people for all their contributions to mankind in the past, present, and for the future. 041b061a72


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