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My Island

Tucked away on a quiet lane off of North Main is where you will find My Island Escape. This brand-new home is absolutely immaculate! Luxury finishings, tastefully appointed furniture and decor make for a flawless backdrop to your next vacation. The living room at My Island Escape features ample comfortable seating and a flat screen television, and flows into the fully equipped, gourmet, eat-in kitchen that features a large island and plenty of space for cooking, dining, and enjoying meals with the family. The master bedroom features a Queen size bed with an en suite highlighted by a large soaking tub, double vanity, and separate glass stand up shower. The two other bedrooms in the home are close by a full bathroom located off the hallway. Another bonus in this home is the spacious laundry room complete with a full-size washer and dryer, iron and an ironing board, and connects to a convenient half bath. Outside, you will find deck space with outdoor furniture, and a picnic table with umbrella for outdoor dining. If you are looking for a clean, relaxing, upscale rental with great attention to detail ? look no further and escape to My Island Escape! Please Note: Linens and/or towels are optional and can be provided upon your arrival - please inquire about our linen packages. This property is NO SMOKING & NO PETS. This rental features shared dock access.

My Island

Never quite rejecting that foundation, Welcome to My Island has a slipping grasp of genres of old, but it maintains some exceptional and very real, monumental lyrics. It is as uplifting as it is blunt with its honesty and fixation in the latter stages of the track. There is a story-like progression, an introduction to the island Polachek appears to be stranded on and the desire that crops up in her choruses. There is a message of messiness juxtaposed with the clarity and crisp mixing on display. Remarkable, really. Polachek navigates grand rises and falls to experiment and show off not just her vocal range but her writing talents.

Here On My IslandInformationFeaturedBarbie as The Island PrincessCourtesy ofMattel Rhapsody (ASCAP) and Songs of Mattel (BMI)"Here On My Island" is a song featured in Barbie as The Island Princess. It is the first song on the Barbie as The Island Princess soundtrack, and, in the movie, it is performed by the characters Rosella, Azul, Sagi and Tika. The song is about how pleasant and fun their island is.

We love this place. We explore, freedive, kitesurf, swim and melt with the local culture. The Turks & Caicos Islands have everything you can wish for. From crystal clear waters, amazing wildlife to magical marine life. Hang around with Jojo the local wild dolphin, freedive with resident caribbean reef sharks, glide through the seagrass bed with the friendly turtles and experience closer encounters with the majestic humpback whales. Our challenge is to keep this beautiful island as pristine as possible for future generations.

Thanks to our partners Waste TCI, Blue Heron Aviation, Visit TCI, Freedivewithme, Marine Upholstery Express and Ocean Frontiers TCI we made this initiative possible to keep the island healthy and sustainable for future generations. Special thanks to the TC National Trust for trusting and believing in us and our initiative, and for keeping their mission and vision alive: protect, preserve and promote the cultural historic and natural heritage of the TCI.

A month after Puerto Ricans were given U.S. citizenship in 1917, President Woodrow Wilson asked Congress to send troops to World War I, in which close to 20,000 Puerto Ricans would serve. For decades, the U.S. military used the Puerto Rican islands of Culebra and Vieques for bombing practice and a dumping ground for old munitions. The Jones Act also required Puerto Ricans to buy goods solely from American ships manned by American crews, which locals say limits business and jacks up prices. 041b061a72


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