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Read about us in WPB (USA), solo exhibition of Nele Zirnite opens TODAY

Image: Nele Zirnite "Ilgas", 2021

Spectacular Pop-Up Art Exhibition “Universe of Hope” of Nele Zirnite's original works

Read here:

Katana House Showroom & Gallery is pleased to announce the highly anticipated opening of the Pop-Up Art Exhibition “Universe of Hope” of Internationally recognized Artist Nele Zirnite, an extraordinary showcase of Art that will captivate art enthusiasts and the general public alike. Opening event of “The Universe of Hope” will take place on June 1 6PM - 8PM at Katana House Showroom & Gallery. Exhibition will feature original works made in a very old etching technique the Artist uses to create her artworks. Etching is a printmaking technique that dates back centuries and is still practiced today. It involves the process of creating images on a metal plate through the use of various acids. The demonstration of the ancient print technique will be shown on screen during the event and the opening event will be open for general public admission. Artist's works have been showcased all around the world, exhibited in many reputable galleries, received various prizes and awards and are held in private collections and museums. She has been acknowledged among the world’s best printmakers in the edition of The Best of Printmaking: An International Collection (Selected by Lynne Allen and Phyllis Mc Gibbon with an introduction by Ruth Weisberg, Rockport Publishers, Quarry Books, 1997. In 2012 she was included in a German edition of a book “Lexicon of Fantastic Artist” by prof. Gerhart Habarta and “Encyclopedia of fantastic women artists” (2017, Lexikon phantastischer Künstlerinnen). These editions are the world's first lexicons dedicated to fantasy artists, surrealists, symbolists and visionaries. 'The dominating image of the work - the figure of a human on a stem, symbolizing uncertainty of the human nature; one who can hang on maintaining peace of mind and a balanced soul. It is not easy, but such an opportunity is given to each one of us.'/ Nele Zirnite /

The Pop-Up exhibition will be held and open to public at Katana House Showroom & Gallery from June 2 to June 4, from 11AM to 5PM inviting art lovers to immerse themselves in the vibrant world of visual aesthetics. Ieva Katana, the curator of “Universe of Hope”, has carefully selected works from artists’ 40 years of work that highlight her ingenuity and ability to challenge conventional boundaries.

According to Ieva Katana, “The aim of “Universe of Hope” is to create an immersive experience that encourages dialogue and engages the senses.”

The opening event will also offer a live performance by a Nashville based band “Musical Monks”, which will take audience even deeper into world of senses. This exhibition promises to be an art immersive event, offering a unique fusion of artistic vision, sound and cultural expression. “Universe of Hope” will take visitors on a mesmerizing journey through world of art.

The exhibition is supported by Katana House, Musical Monks, Mea Via Foundation and Giraffe 360, creator of the online virtual tour of the exhibition, which will be visible after the show on Admission to “Universe of Hope” is free and the Pop-up Art Exhibition will be open to the public June 2 - 4 11:00 AM - 5:00PM. To learn more about the exhibition, please visit or follow us on Instagram @katanahouse_showroom

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