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Intervija ar meistarklases "Fokusā Brodveja" vadītāju Stefanu Milleru (ASV) EN

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Foto: Agnese Aljēna

1. Tell me please how have you been since the last time we met at the workshop "Fokusā Brodveja" in 2021?

Čau! I have been doing very well! This last year was quite busy for me as I have been expanding my role at the university while continuing to pursue my artistic endeavors. I taught at 3 universities this past year, directed 3 shows, organized 8 concerts, and premiered in a new musical in Los Angeles. I have also been transitioning to more film acting and worked in a few movies. It has been a crazy time, but all good stuff!

2. What is your story? How you decided on your professional paths?

My path in music began at the age of 14 when my brother convinced me to join the choir at my high school. I fell in love with singing and specifically musical theater. I knew then that I wanted to have a life in music in some capacity and couldn’t imagine anything else. Specifically Musical theater, when I graduated high school I had the opportunity to attend a university for Musical theater, but decided not to attend and began performing professionally instead.

3. What do you like about sharing your knowledge and skills with children and youth? What do you want them to take home from your workshop?

One mantra that I live my life by is “if you can talk you can sing, if you can walk you can dance”. I think this encompasses everything that I believe and is what I like to share with everyone. I also love building confidence in students and getting them to understand that yes they can. Often in our lives we are-told no we can’t, don’t try, give up, but I believe with determination, hard work, and dedication, anyone can achieve their dreams.

4. Please describe the plan of the day of the workshop. What will you share with participants this time?

The plan for the workshop is to work on three components that comprise musical theater; acting, singing, and dancing. We will begin with some acting exercises and games to introduce students to the idea of what it’s like to perform, we will have a group voice lesson, and then we will learn a dance combination. Our goal is to put all of this together and have an enjoyable experience learning about musical theater.

5. Why do you like collaboration with the Mea Via Foundation?

I firmly believe in helping those who have not had the same advantages that I have had. Building bridges rather than tearing them down, and I believe Mea Via Foundation is doing that exact thing. I love their commitment to helping others, specifically youth, and enjoy their constant and continued support.

6. Anything else you want to add...

I am looking forward to this event and to future collaborations with Mea Via Foundation!

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