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10 Minimal Ribbons Psd Template Rar [REPACK]

You can grab these trendy polygon and square social media icons for your social accounts and websites. The set of 160 stickers are available in PSD and PNG formats and come with three blank templates.

10 minimal ribbons psd template rar


These 20 social media icons are designed by Dawid Dapszus and available at Dribbble. The icons have a clean look based on minimal design. You can download the icon set as a ZIP file for free, and use it to enhance your website and emails.

Petty Officer XXX distinguished herself through exceptional meritorious performance while serving as Career Information Program Manager and Command Career Counselor onboard USS XXXX(LHD X) from December 2013 to December 2016. In addition to her demanding primary duties, she excelled in a myriad of Command Collateral duties to include Lead Resident Advisor and Homeport Ashore Program Coordinator, Lead Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Victim Advocate and Point of Contact, Damage Control Training Team and Return to Homeport Brief Coordinator. Her sustained superior performance in this arduous assignment is most worthy of recognition by the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal. Her impressive accomplishments include: - Absolute best at Sailorization. Petty Officer XXX breathed new life into the Career Development Program. She streamlined the Career Waypoints (CWAY) application process, quickly screened 119 Professional Apprenticeship Career Track Sailors for Class A School, Navy-wide exam participation, and Rating Entry Designation which allowed for a 78% designation rate. She produced record numbers by organizing in excess of 880 documented Career Development Boards. Her efforts were directly responsible for USS XXX earning the Retention Excellence Award for two consecutive years. Additionally, she established Officer Programs and Special Programs Workshops in an effort to increase Sailor knowledge of the multitude of opportunities afforded to them by the United States Navy. Although particularly effective in fostering an environment that makes Sailors want to seek a career in the Navy, she also provided pre-separation counseling to include career opportunities in the Selected Reserve to over 150 Sailors. - A superb Petty Officer. She utilized outstanding administrative expertise to expand the knowledge of her junior Sailors. Her training and leadership efforts made an immediate and direct impact on a team of junior Navy Counselors and Administrators. Her Sailors accurately processed over 5000 correspondence documents to include CWAY applications, NAVPERS 1306/7 Personal Action Requests, Pre-separation Counseling, awards, Fitness Reports, Evaluations, transition data entry for Administrative Separations and Non-judicial punishments, and other special requests. Even with minimum manning, her Sailors producing astounding results with minimal errors or rework. - Unmatched energy and compassion. As lead SAPR Victim Advocate for a two-year period, she provided direct guidance and training for 12 SAPR Victim Advocates and three SAPR Points of Contact. Additionally, she ensured the SAPR continuum of support and care was prevalent throughout the command via SAPR skits, short films, and traditional lecture. As Family Advocacy Program (FAP) liaison, she provided direct feedback to the FFSC Counselors and Sailors requiring FAP services and ensured family members enrolled in the Sure Start Program received the support of their Sponsor during the school year. Furthermore, as Lead Resident Advisor, she increased and maintained the living standards for 466 Sailors enrolled in the Homeport Ashore Program. As a result, the Barracks Building Manager ensured USS XXX buildings were outfitted with modern furnishings and contracted additional support for building maintenance and upkeep. - Continuing her focused leadership and ingenuity, Petty Officer XXX ensured leadership and advancement training was ongoing throughout the command. Her initiative, the USS XXX ADVANCEMENT MACHINE (BAM) increased the advancement rate by 17%. In addition, she served as an integral member of the Damage Control Training Team in Repair Locker 5M running in excess of 87 drills over a two and a half year period to include a myriad of mainspace drills which required her exacting knowledge of damage control and on-time/every time response to "fight the ship." - Master planner and organizer. Petty Officer xxx was directly responsible for reinstituting Area Orientation Brief/Intercultural Relations quotas for all incoming personnel, upon reporting to USS XXXX she quickly identified over 240 enlisted Sailors who had not completed the requirement and established a detailed plan which included Fleet and Family Support Center providing additional quotas for USS XXX personnel. She also organized innumerable Pre-deployment and Return to Homeport briefs which significantly reduced liberty incidents and increased morale for USS XXX Sailors and their families. USS XXX is highly regarded as having the absolute best Career Information Program within the Amphibious Readiness Group (ARG) and Sailors as well as Command Leaders seek out Petty Officer XXX for her sound guidance and knowledge of policies and programs. A tour marked with sustained superior performance and unrivaled leadership throughout the command makes Petty Officer XXX worthy of recognition by the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal.

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