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A Thousand Kisses Deep (feat. Ben Mink) [WORK]

Just lost our chihuahua Vogue early hours of this morning to chronic heart disease. I had such a bad feel from the service at Mandeville Hospital in Northolt. Initially when Vogue collapsed, naturally, we rushed her to the hosp on an emergency basis. Cost was not an issue for us but apart from the very first locum who assessed her all other interactions seemed to be pushing us to put her down. The Costs spiralled upwards very quickly and there is little transparency about the costs of treatment, the costs associated with medication the costs associated and charged each time the vet prescribes medication the list just goes on but Vogie's health rallied and we were able to bring her home and happy to pay the thousand charged. Had a second emergency visit more aware of costs this time but you aren't shown the medication your pet is out of sight and if you question...the response from some staff was impatient again the costs spiralled..It was more stressful for Vogue to be left with and handled by strangers this time Vogue suffered brain damage can never be sure if the increased stress to her heart occurred because we left her or because of the CHD. There should be opportunities to stay with your pet... but when you are already fearful of your pets health deteriorating you go with the 'professional's recommendations. It would be nice to get the feel from the professionals involved that they will work to keep your pet alive not be subtly promoting the option for you to put them to sleep and I strongly believe also that you should be allowed to be with your pet. I wouldn't leave a family member alone in a hospital when their health is compromised. 16 years on Vogie is a member of our family. This whole cycle has been stressful so I am pleased she has passed safely at home ... she deteriorated quickly in her house surrounded by everything and everyone that is familiar to her and equally pleased to know that it is okay to bury her in the garden. Have all the details and costs for The hosp to put her down, cremate her, etc etc I would have been mortified if I had found out post cremation that Vogie had been cremated with other animals. So I'm now going to happily pick a spot in our garden and follow the steps to dig a very deep hole wrap her safely and lay her body to rest, blessed to have had her with us have lots of photos.

A Thousand Kisses Deep (feat. Ben Mink)



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