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Evolution Crack Elfbot 8.6

Caric Da Tank wrote on August 19, 2014, 4:04 pm:Please post inquiries like this under the "Server Support" section of the forums next time.As for your question, I am not entirely sure what you are asking, but you can not use elfbot with the noxious OT custom client. If you wish to use elfbot, you would have to download tibia 8.6 here: =windows&file=tibia860.exeAnd then you would have to download OTland ipchanger here: -ip-changer.134369/Then, you would use your elfbot crack, and then just type in "" into the ipchanger, and then click "apply". And tah dah! You are now running elfbot while playing noxiousot.As for multiclient, you can just hit "Settings" on the otland ipchanger, and then hit "Always launch a new tibia client". Basically, this will work as an mc after you have cracked elfbot, enabling you to open more than 1 client. and then just run elfbot after you ran tibia 8.6 and you have applied the ipchanger.Hope this helped,CaricWell i know how to run tibia with Elfbot but the problems is when i open or try to use a second tibia with elfbot, i wouldn't let me... my crack says "close all tibia instances first" and if i try to just open elfbot it says please open tibia first...

Evolution Crack Elfbot 8.6

So i find the problem... It was my ip-changer when i cracked elfbot and loaded tibia with my old ip-changer it couldn't detect the Tibia client but with another one he could detect it so problems solved!Thnx very much anyway!

O meu nao Esta dando certo , quando eu clico pra crackear , ele da um erro com um X vermelho que diz Access violation at address 00403250 in module 'ElfeCrack.exe. Read of addres , Me ajudem a sanar esse problema meu email é 041b061a72


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