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Chad Merritt
Chad Merritt

Virtual Dj 8 Mac \/\/TOP\\\\

Hello,I hope this finds you well. I am currently a user of DJay Pro 2 but am interested in possibly upgrading to something newer as I know this version of the app has stopped receiving updates. I have tried DJay pro AI some time ago but had issues navigating my music library and some of the advanced features of the app such as stems.I know that virtual dj has an accessibility plugin, however I have not heard anything regarding how well this works on the Mac.Any suggestions as to what people are using for gigs and mixes would be appreciated.Stay well,Gus

Virtual Dj 8 Mac

I have been playing with virtual dj for a good bit now and unfortunately I'm saddened to say that even with the accessibility plugin, there is still a good bit lacking in accessibility. I was able to get it up and running, and it's a shame it can't be used more as I really love their effects quality. There also does not seem to be a way to sort tracks by BPM, as there is in DJay. The actual act of playing, mixing, accessing effects, and even stems are accessible thanks to the plugin, but unfortunately to change settings with in VDJ itself, including controller behavior, assignments, slip mode settings, or anything having to do with Virtual DJ's settings itself requires sighted assistance. Even if OCr was an option , I'm unsure how far that would be able to help since the settings panels are very complex. This includes the box that comes up when you plug in a dj controller if you have one.As for DJay Pro AI, accessibility has definitely gone downhill since DJay Pro 2, and I would suggest as many people reaching out to the developers as possible, as they seem very eager to assist in getting accessibility working once again.


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