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A Better Tomorrow II Download Movie Free [BEST]

"A Better Tomorrow II" (aka "Ying Hung Boon Sik II") definitely is what one would think about when reminiscing about the Hong Kong cinema in the late 1980s. Why? Well, take the sheer amount of insane action that is packed into the movie into consideration, and then of course you have the likes of Chow Yun Fat and dead actor Leslie Cheung at the helm.The story in "A Better Tomorrow II" is pretty straight forward. There are no major surprises along the way, for better or worse. But it doesn't make for a mundane storyline, not at all. Sure, it is predictable, yes, but the entertainment value to the script and storyline is capable of carrying the movie. Was it all good? No, not really. The entire part with the mental breakdown and how easily it was overcome was a bit forced and felt somewhat out of place in the movie."A Better Tomorrow" is definitely a movie franchise that you should be well familiar with, especially if you are a devoted fan to the Hong Kong cinema. And this definitely is from the golden age of the action cinema to make it from Hong Kong.As mentioned earlier, then the movie does have some good acting performances in it, not only from Chow Yun Fat and Leslie Cheung, but also from the likes of Lung Ti, Kenneth Tsang, Man-Tat Ng and Ming Yan Lung.This is definitely a movie that should be on your to-watch-list if you are a fan of Asian cinema and in particular Hong Kong cinema. If you haven't already seen the franchise, I can strongly recommend that you do so if you have the time and chance. This is Hong Kong entertainment at its finest.

A Better Tomorrow II download movie free

I just recently revisited this board again after being away for a few months, and was saddened to see that people still seem to be looking for songs for these great soundtracks when some of us have already posted them for download.So, please, let this new thread act as the gateway to all of our A Better Tomorrow music needs.I am posting the links again to the music that I do have. The downloads are in mp3 form and are totally free. You can also actually listen to the song before you download it.All that I ask, is that you please post a "bump", to keep this thread near the top of the message board page, where others who are looking for the music can see it.If you happen to have any of more A Better Tomorrow soundtrack music, and would not mind sharing what you have with your fellow fans, please feel free to e-mail me an MP3 of your song or track, and I will subsequently post it up here for all to enjoy.My e-mail address is [email protected].Special thanks to Tang_Lung for providing a lot of the hard-to-find tracks that I am posting here.Peace, and enjoy.P.S.: Remember to "bump" this thread!

113. There is also the fact that people no longer seem to believe in a happy future; they no longer have blind trust in a better tomorrow based on the present state of the world and our technical abilities. There is a growing awareness that scientific and technological progress cannot be equated with the progress of humanity and history, a growing sense that the way to a better future lies elsewhere. This is not to reject the possibilities which technology continues to offer us. But humanity has changed profoundly, and the accumulation of constant novelties exalts a superficiality which pulls us in one direction. It becomes difficult to pause and recover depth in life. If architecture reflects the spirit of an age, our megastructures and drab apartment blocks express the spirit of globalized technology, where a constant flood of new products coexists with a tedious monotony. Let us refuse to resign ourselves to this, and continue to wonder about the purpose and meaning of everything. Otherwise we would simply legitimate the present situation and need new forms of escapism to help us endure the emptiness.

223. Such sobriety, when lived freely and consciously, is liberating. It is not a lesser life or one lived with less intensity. On the contrary, it is a way of living life to the full. In reality, those who enjoy more and live better each moment are those who have given up dipping here and there, always on the look-out for what they do not have. They experience what it means to appreciate each person and each thing, learning familiarity with the simplest things and how to enjoy them. So they are able to shed unsatisfied needs, reducing their obsessiveness and weariness. Even living on little, they can live a lot, above all when they cultivate other pleasures and find satisfaction in fraternal encounters, in service, in developing their gifts, in music and art, in contact with nature, in prayer. Happiness means knowing how to limit some needs which only diminish us, and being open to the many different possibilities which life can offer.


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