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While vaccination against AI and disinfection appear to depend on individual farmer attitude, as shown by the significance of the farm random effects, they still vary over time when viewed across all farms (Figure 1). Contrary to harvesting behavior, these preventive actions have a seasonal component (Figure 3C and D) indicating a willingness to maximize the number of vaccinated broiler chickens and the protection against other diseases during the January-March period. The January-March period is the period of lunar new year celebrations in Viet Nam, commonly associated with higher poultry market prices and an increased risk of disease transmission, as has been observed for avian influenza (Delabouglise et al., 2017; Durand et al., 2015). In response, farmers tend to invest more in disease prevention practices at this time and veterinary services provide more vaccines and disinfectant for free. Farm disinfection has a significant temporal autocorrelation component and is unaffected by disease outbreaks, indicating that farmers are slower at adapting this practice to changing conditions. Some events may affect the frequency of vaccination and disinfection on a long time frame. For example, the peak in AI vaccination observed at the end of 2015 can be interpreted as a part of a long-term response to the high HPAI incidence reported in early 2014 (Delabouglise et al., 2017). The time period of the present study is too short to provide a statistical support for these long term dynamics.


Your manuscript identifies that depopulation is a more common response to disease outbreaks among farms with small flocks in southern Vietnam. This may prove to be a vital piece of information for policies that aim to limit the spread of avian influenza into human populations.

Your manuscript surveyed 53 poultry farms in Southern Vietnam and identified that small scale farmers with lower sized flocks were more likely to rapidly harvest and sell disease birds to mitigate loss of profit. This finding is of great potential importance for developing prevention efforts for introduction of avian influenza into human populations. 041b061a72


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