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Bible King James Version For Mobile

The King James Version (KJV) of the holy Bible was first printed in 1611, but the main edition used today is the 1769 version. The King James Version (KJV) is also known as the Authorized (or Authorised) Version (AV) because it was authorized to be read in churches. For over 300 years it was the main English translation used in the English speaking world, and is much admired and respected. About 400 words and phrases coined or popularised by the King James Version are part the English language today.

Bible King James Version For Mobile

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The KJV - King James Bible, Audio Bible, Free, Offline app makes it possible to access the entire King James version of the Bible directly from your mobile phone. The app is the ideal way to read the Bible from your mobile phone.

The app contains the entire KJV Bible and gives users mobile access to the Bible from their mobile phones, making it ideal for digital Bible study activities. The app also comes with other tools such as text annotation and highlighting that makes it easier to study difficult passages or make notes. The app works on most mobile devices and can also be used on other devices such as tablets.

The Bible Memory App is the only complete, all-inclusive Bible memory system that enables you to organize, memorize, and review bible verses easily. Also, the app allows you to create customizable review schedules to review verses while reading your bible. Additionally, it is the only Bible memory system you can access across all mobile devices via their website. Your progress stays in sync with all your devices, allowing you to catch up from where you left off.

The app offers various reading plans like chronological, historical, Matthew, Psalms, and more. You can also play multiple praises or Christian poetry in the app. Moreover, the makers of this app consistently update the app for better experiences of users. For instance, in its latest version - 2.6, you can access the audio bible, 1000 praises, bookmarking, and multiple selections of verses in one go.

Olive Tree Bible Software creates Biblical software and mobile apps, and is an electronic publisher of Bible versions, study tools, Bible study tools, and Christian eBooks for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. The firm is headquartered in Spokane, Washington and is a member of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA). Olive Tree currently supports Android, iPad, iPhone, Macintosh, Windows, and personal computer devices.

The chronological readings at follow the reading plan according to the NLT version. Please note that there are differences between the NLT and NIV translations when it comes to the chronological reading plan. One is copyrighted by Tyndale, the other by Zondervan. One reads according to the timeframes the events actually occurred (NLT) while the other may read according to when the text was actually written. So if you are attempting to complement your chronological NIV book readings with our chronological online version they will not match. Please see this page for details. 041b061a72


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