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Drift Runner 3D: Port: Game Mobil Drift dengan Latar Belakang Pelabuhan yang Menarik

Game Mobil Drift: How to Enjoy the Thrill of Drifting on Your Phone

Drifting is one of the most exciting and challenging forms of motorsport, where drivers slide their cars sideways through corners with skill and precision. But what if you don't have a rear-wheel-drive car, a track, or a license to drift? Don't worry, you can still experience the fun of drifting on your phone with some of the best mobile drifting games available.

game mobil drift

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the features and benefits of playing mobile drifting games, as well as some of the best titles you can download and play right now. We will also give you some tips and tricks on how to improve your drifting skills and techniques using your phone. Let's get started!

Why Play Mobile Drifting Games?

Mobile drifting games are a great way to enjoy drifting without spending a lot of money, time, or risk. Here are some of the reasons why you should try them out:

  • They are accessible and convenient. You can play them anytime, anywhere, as long as you have your phone and an internet connection. You don't need any special equipment or training to start drifting on your phone.

  • They are realistic and immersive. Mobile drifting games have come a long way in terms of graphics, physics, and sound. You can feel the speed, the power, and the adrenaline of drifting in various environments, cars, and tracks. You can also customize your car and settings to suit your preferences and style.

  • They are fun and challenging. Mobile drifting games offer different modes, levels, and goals to keep you entertained and motivated. You can compete with yourself, with other players online, or with friends in multiplayer mode. You can also learn new skills and techniques as you progress through the game.

What Are the Best Mobile Drifting Games?

There are many mobile drifting games available on the market, but not all of them are worth your time and attention. Here are some of the best ones that we recommend you to check out:




A sequel to the popular CarX Drift Racing game, featuring improved graphics, physics, and gameplay. You can choose from over 80 cars, customize them, and drift on various tracks. You can also join online championships and compete with other players.


A browser-based game that lets you drift on 25 realistic tracks with 10 different cars. You can earn money by performing drifts and use it to upgrade your car. You can also adjust the difficulty level and the camera angle.


A game that lets you drift around the world in amazing locations like Tokyo, New York, Moscow, and more. You can choose from over 25 cars, customize them, and challenge yourself in different modes like career, daily challenge, or online multiplayer.


A game that gives you a unique experience in the handling of sport cars by the simple and intuitive way. You can use separate handbrake button to start drifting, paint donuts burning tires, and enjoy animation of the deep smoke while drifting.


A list of 16 best drifting games for Android devices that you can download and play for free. The list includes games like Drift Horizon Online, Lil Drifty, Assoluto Racing, Drift Legends, Driftkhana, Drift Mania: Street Outlaws, Real Drift Car Racing, and more.


How to Improve Your Drifting Skills on Your Phone?

Playing mobile drifting games is not only fun, but also a great way to improve your drifting skills and techniques. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you become a better drifter on your phone:

  • Practice, practice, practice. The more you play, the more you will get familiar with the controls, the physics, and the tracks. You will also learn how to adjust your speed, angle, and timing to perform smooth and consistent drifts.

  • Watch and learn from others. You can watch videos of other players or streamers who are good at drifting and observe how they handle their cars, what lines they take, and what tips they share. You can also join online communities and forums where you can ask questions and get feedback from other drifters.

  • Experiment with different settings and cars. Mobile drifting games allow you to customize your car and settings to suit your preferences and style. You can change the engine, the tires, the suspension, the steering, the brake, and more. You can also try different cars and see how they differ in performance, handling, and drifting potential.

  • Have fun and enjoy the process. Drifting is not about winning or losing, but about having fun and expressing yourself. Don't get frustrated or discouraged if you make mistakes or fail to achieve your goals. Instead, learn from them and try again. Remember that drifting is an art, not a science, and everyone has their own style and pace.


Mobile drifting games are a great way to enjoy the thrill of drifting on your phone. They are accessible, realistic, fun, and challenging. They can also help you improve your drifting skills and techniques. If you are looking for some of the best mobile drifting games to play, we recommend you to check out CarX Drift Racing 2, Drift Hunters, Drift Max World, CarX Drift Racing, and The 16 Best Drifting Games for Android. You can also follow our tips and tricks on how to become a better drifter on your phone. We hope you found this article helpful and informative. Happy drifting!


What is drifting?

Drifting is a driving technique where the driver intentionally oversteers the car to make it slide sideways through a corner while maintaining control and speed.

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What are the benefits of drifting?

Drifting has many benefits, such as improving your car control, reflexes, coordination, confidence, and creativity. It also provides a lot of excitement, adrenaline, and satisfaction.

What are the risks of drifting?

Drifting is a risky activity that can cause damage to your car, tires, brakes, engine, and other parts. It can also lead to accidents, injuries, or legal troubles if done in an unsafe or illegal manner.

How can I drift in real life?

To drift in real life, you need a rear-wheel-drive car with a manual transmission, a suitable track or location with permission, proper safety equipment and precautions, and a lot of practice and patience. You also need to learn the basic techniques of drifting, such as initiating, maintaining, and exiting a drift.

Where can I learn more about drifting?

You can learn more about drifting by reading books, magazines, blogs, or websites about drifting. You can also watch videos or documentaries of professional drifters or events. You can also join local or online drifting clubs or communities where you can meet other drifters and share your passion.


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