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Albert Afanasyev
Albert Afanasyev

Mom Charged Of Slowly Poisoning Her Son To Death To Spice Up Her Blog

Lacey Spears, the Chestnut Ridge, N.Y. mom accused of slowly poisoning her son to death while she blogged about his illness, was found guilty Monday of second degree murder, the Lower Hudson Journal News reported. Prosecutors argued that Spears killed her 5-year-old, Garnett, by putting salt in his feeding tube while he was at the hospital.

Mom Charged Of Slowly Poisoning Her Son To Death To Spice Up Her Blog


When Arbella fell ill in the tower in 1614, it was suspected she was faking illness either in order to escape or to gain sympathy. However, she refused both food and medical attention and was said by some to be delusional towards the end, believing William was coming to rescue her. When she eventually died in 1615 a post-mortem had to be carried out to rule out poisoning. It found that she had died slowly of starvation caused by her own negligence. It has been suggested that Arbella had porphyria, the disease George III and Mary, Queen of Scots are believed to have suffered from. This would explain both her physical and mental symptoms: porphyria can cause abdominal pain, vomiting, seizures and paranoia. She never saw her husband again and is buried in Westminster Abbey.


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