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  • CNN Correspondent Rick Sanchez burrows into a makeshift shelter in Colorado's Rocky Mountains.I took a blow-dryer to my feet last night. It was one of those super-duper ones that painters use to dry their canvasses. No matter how close I put it to the underside of my feet, I didn't feel any heat, not a bit.My feet were frozen from trekking through the Rocky Mountains. I was out there for an hour-and-a-half. I maybe walked a mile. James Kim walked between seven and ten miles during his ordeal in the Oregon wilderness.I was wearing a jacket, boots not fit for the snow, gloves and a hat. No mountaineering gear of any kind. Just the kind of stuff someone might wear while driving. James Kim was wearing sneakers, a couple of shirts and a jacket, but he reportedly had no hat.Last night in the wilderness, I found out firsthand just how dangerous extreme conditions can be. The temperature was in the teens; our elevation was 8,500 feet.At the suggestion of survival experts, we tried different techniques to see what works in those conditions and what doesn't. We tried making a shelter of last resort by literally burrowing four feet into the snow (see picture above). We tried using a candle to keep our car heated.One thing we learned is how important it is to be prepared, because as I found out, when one is 8,500 feet up in the Rocky Mountains and the temperature is dropping into the teens, it is too late to look for the kinds of items that could save your life. Here are a few things that Ken Brinks, a ranger with the Colorado State Parks, suggests keeping in the car at all times: Blanket

  • Candles

  • Matches

  • Flashlight

  • Fluorescent tape (even just one piece of orange tape can be spotted by a helicopter)

  • Shovel

  • Water

  • Couple of candy bars (but not chocolate -- chocolate can dehydrate you and so can, say, salted nuts)

  • Coffee can to hold the candle (and melted water)

  • CD to use as a reflector in case you see a helicopter

  • But the most important thing you can do, Ken says, is to tell somebody where you are going and when you expect to get there. If nobody knows where you are going, nobody knows where to look for you. Just like a pilot would, you gotta file a flight plan.Posted By Rick Sanchez, CNN Correspondent: 5:06 PM ET 31 Comments Add a CommentMidwest power outage sparks angry questionsDoes it seem like public utilities and other energy companies are getting better ... or worse ... at serving the public?In Illinois right now, thousands of people who lost electricity in an ice storm last week may well say "worse." That's because some of them are still without power. The storm was admittedly a whopper. More than a half million customers of the Ameren company lost electricity, and the company says it has been working relentlessly ever since to restore full service. But the fact remains, tens of thousands of customers were driven from their homes by the cold and darkness while the repair effort went on. The blackout in New York, the brownouts on the West Coast, and of course, the lingering problems on the Gulf Coast following Katrina, have raised alarms about the vulnerability of the nation's power grid. In Illinois, where people waited longest for their power to be restored after the recent storm, state officials are asking questions: Did Ameren have enough repair crews standing by? Did it do enough to prevent damage by, for example, trimming tree branches near power lines aggressively? Some officials in Illinois and neighboring Missouri are calling for an investigation.Ameren says it welcomes these questions. It says it has done an excellent job maintaining its infrastructure, responding to its customers, and mitigating the impact of a terrible storm.My question is this: In the wake of Katrina and all the delays that followed in restoration of even basic services, are you more ... or less ... inclined to believe that the "powers that be" are watching over your home's power supply?Posted By Tom Foreman, CNN Correspondent: 11:48 AM ET 52 Comments Add a CommentHot Links: Stories we're following todayUtility's response to power failures criticized

  • Lost dad died close to food, shelter

  • Cold snap leaves Deep South in a deep freeze

  • Bush, congressional leaders meet on Iraq

  • Aides: Deal reached on catchall trade, tax bill

Posted By CNN: 10:40 AM ET 5 Comments Add a CommentThursday, December 07, 2006Wilderness survival: The rule of threesA SWAT officer is lowered by helicopter to the remote spot where James Kim's body was found.

"The Vietnam image [of Phan Thi Kim Phuc running naked after a napalm attack] galvanised people in terms of engendering feelings and passions which might not have been stirred up was it not for that photograph. So I began to realise how much of an important role these combat photographers played in war and struggle. I think then I found a real appreciation for the potential impact of the job."

Prosecutors said they reviewed accusations made by 50 Cosby accusers and concluded that 13 said they were also drugged or intoxicated and then molested by Cosby. One woman said she declined his offer of quaaludes but accepted Champagne that she believed was spiked. She later woke up naked in a hotel room and said she had been sexually assaulted. Another said she took quaaludes from him, while a third said she believed her drink was spiked with the powerful, now-banned sedative.

Steele will fight to use both the phone call and Cosby's potentially damaging deposition from Constand's sexual battery lawsuit. Cosby settled the suit after four days of questioning. He acknowledged having a sexual encounter with Constand, but said it was consensual. He also admitted to a string of extramarital affairs and sexual "rendezvous," some with women in their late teens and early 20s. 041b061a72


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