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Download Huzuni Hacked Client Here

Hacked client Huzuni for Minecraft 1.10.2 - quite a well-known hacked client, which is remembered by its users by the fact that it is good in everything you can put your eyes on. The design of its main menu is a modified design of the standard version of the game. It looks very beautiful. With anti-cheats Huzuni copes 100%, which will allow you to play even on the most popular servers, without fear of getting banned.

Download Huzuni Hacked Client Here

The GUI menu here is quite interesting. It is beautifully designed and has great functionality and settings to it. In addition, through this menu, you can configure the entire client as a whole, not just what is used in PvP.

Hacked client Huzuni VIP for Minecraft 1.8 - VIP version of one of the best hacked clients. And let it go to the old version of the game, but this version is quite popular to this day. VIP version differs from the usual design of the main menu, albeit not much. Also it works better anti-cheat, more functionality and a lot of various add-ons.

Alt Manager is much better here than in version 1.10.2. All because here you can download all your accounts without a text document. You can also switch between them directly in the game, which will greatly save Your time.

Huzuni is a hacked client made for griefing and other stuff in Minecraft. It comes with lots of features and easy to use GUI menu. Works online on multiplayer servers. Not sure about Realms. Beware, when using on servers, you risk getting banned or kicked. 041b061a72


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