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Honeyland: A Film That Celebrates the Ancient Art of Beekeeping

Honeyland: A Documentary About a Beekeeper's Struggle to Preserve Her Ancient Tradition

If you are looking for a captivating, inspiring, and thought-provoking documentary to watch, you might want to check out Honeyland, a film that follows the life of a Macedonian beekeeper who uses ancient methods to harvest wild honey in the mountains. The documentary, which is directed by Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov, is a stunning portrait of the delicate balance between nature and humanity, as well as a powerful story of resilience and compassion. Honeyland is also a historic film, as it is the first documentary to be nominated for both Best International Feature Film and Best Documentary Feature at the Academy Awards. In this article, we will tell you more about what Honeyland is about, why it is important, how it was made, how it has been received, and where you can watch it.

What is Honeyland About?

Honeyland documents the life of Hatidže Muratova, a middle-aged woman who lives in a remote village in North Macedonia with her elderly mother. Hatidže is one of the last wild beekeepers in Europe, who practices a traditional method of harvesting honey from wild bees without harming them or their environment. She lives by a simple rule: "Half for me, half for you", meaning that she only takes half of the honey from each hive and leaves the rest for the bees. She sells her honey at the market in Skopje, the capital city, which is four hours away from her village.

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However, Hatidže's peaceful existence is disrupted when a nomadic family moves in next door with their cattle, chickens, and seven children. The family's patriarch, Hussein Sam, decides to try beekeeping as well, but he ignores Hatidže's advice and takes all the honey from his hives, leaving nothing for the bees. This causes a conflict between Hatidže and Hussein, as well as a threat to the survival of both their bees.

The documentary captures Hatidže's daily struggles and joys, as well as her relationships with her mother, her neighbors, and her bees. It also shows the beauty and harshness of nature, as well as the impact of human actions on the ecosystem.

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Why is Honeyland Important?

Honeyland is not just a documentary about beekeeping. It is also a documentary about some of the most pressing issues of our time, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, resource depletion, poverty, and social justice. The film explores these topics through the lens of Hatidže's life and experiences, showing how they affect her and her community.

The Balance Between Nature and Humanity

One of the main themes of Honeyland is the balance between nature and humanity, or how humans can live in harmony with nature without destroying it. Hatidže represents this balance, as she respects the bees and their environment, and only takes what she needs from them. She also cares for other animals, such as her dog and cat, and plants flowers for her bees. She understands why it is important, how it was made, how it has been received, and where you can watch it. We also hope that this article has inspired you to watch Honeyland and learn more about the fascinating world of wild beekeeping and the challenges that it faces. If you have any questions about Honeyland, you might find the answers in the following FAQs section.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about Honeyland:

Is Honeyland a true story?

Yes, Honeyland is a true story. It is a documentary that follows the real life of Hatidže Muratova, a wild beekeeper in North Macedonia. The filmmakers did not stage or script any scenes, but simply observed and recorded Hatidže's daily activities and interactions.

How did the filmmakers find Hatidže?

The filmmakers, Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov, met Hatidže while they were working on another project about the region's environmental issues. They were looking for a water source in the mountains, and they stumbled upon Hatidže's village. They were intrigued by her story and decided to make a documentary about her.

What language is Honeyland in?

Honeyland is in Turkish, Macedonian, and Bosnian languages. Hatidže speaks Turkish, which is her native language, as well as Macedonian, which is the official language of North Macedonia. The Sam family speaks Bosnian, which is their native language, as well as Turkish, which they learned from Hatidže.

What happened to Hatidže after the film?

After the film, Hatidže received some recognition and support from various organizations and individuals. She was invited to attend some film festivals and events, where she met celebrities and dignitaries. She also received some donations and gifts, such as a new house, a solar panel, a refrigerator, and a TV. However, she still lives in her village and continues her beekeeping practice.

What happened to the bees after the film?

After the film, the bees faced some threats and challenges from climate change, pesticides, diseases, and predators. Some of Hatidže's hives were destroyed or damaged by these factors. However, she managed to restore some of them and find new ones. She also helped other beekeepers in her region to adopt her sustainable methods.


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